Take Effect Reviews – The Blacker Side Of Blue

Though this might be the Knoxville singer-songwriter’s first album, Davis Corley certainly knows his way around a tune, as his self-described ‘Southern Gothic’ sound resembles some of the greats in the area of roots rock and alt-country.

The title track opens the listen and leaves an immediate impact with his raw, distinct vocals, while the rugged Americana brings dusty, haunting and aching sounds. Later on, “Heartache And Heroin” illustrates blues influences with some subtle organs for effect as the tune builds into an ebullient moment, while “Ride On” takes the sparse route with elegant acoustic guitar and tender pedal steel.


A record where every song is the highlight, it’s difficult not to mention “Clean”, which brings harmonicas and brushed percussion for a folky ballad with sweet female vocals against Davis’ rugged pipes, while ”Getting Over You” ropes in all the breeziness we love from Tom Petty

It should take you precisely one listen to become completely infatuated with this touching and emotionally stirring record. Though he may reside in a populated genre, Corley is a rare and shining talent that is destined for grand things.